Philly trumpet player and multidisciplinary artist Marty Gottlieb-Hollis released a personal short film under their project Martronimous.

“My Softness and Yours” narrates a “queer origin story,” one that speaks to hiding oneself and sheltering softness and tender love from the world while simultaneously allowing them to come into their identity. Martronimous’ dreamlike production fills the speakers, while words flicker on the screen, telling Gottlieb-Hollis’ tale.

Gottlieb-Hollis spoke to The Key about the project:

“It both tells the story of my first queer experience, one that I hid out of shame for a long, long time, and also attempts recognize, heal, and celebrate the protective shell that has gotten me to where I am today–to the point where I no longer need it as much.”

“My Softness and Yours” is an invitation for us to be ourselves while recognizing the difficulties that may come with it. Check out the project below.