The whole “link and build” pitch can be a bit of a social media cliche. How many biting memes and hot-take Tweets have you seen poking fun at the randoms who land in our DMs wanting to network? But whatever there is to be said about folks who prioritize the hustle and shortchange their art, it’s important to remember that those forces of drive and creativity do need to coexist in order to be successful. Philly’s Tierra Whack makes that happen like no other, and reminds us of it in an intergalactic fashion on her new song and music video “Link.”

The very sci-fi inspired clip finds Whack spitting bars on the surface of Mars, decked out in a shimmering silver gown and a retrofuturistic beehive, making Lego sculptures with otherworldly residents. It’s a total fantasy look, but the lyrical message is quite down-to-Earth and direct in talking about connecting and collaborating, whether on an artistic project or life in general:

“Use your imagination
Get an education
Build a foundation
Want a future? Make one.”

Watch “Link” below.