With the end of the pandemic in sight, projects that have spent the past year and a half incubating are coming to light, and one of those is Electric Candlelight — the newly minted four-piece is led by singer Owen Stewart from Ruby The Hatchet and guitarist Justin Pittney, formerly of Residuels and Moon Women.

The heavy psychedelic band is rounded out by Max Jonas from Tough Shits on bass, Joshua Aaron from The Lawsuits band on drums, and Ali Awan on guitar. The group made its debut this week with a single called “Another Year Gone By,” a six-minute-long thrasher with ample guitar melodies and the drive of Stewart’s raspy, Credence-esque vocals that offer an element of Ruby The Hatchet’s psychedelic hard rock.

Pittney told The Key that as the project was created during quarantine, there was a creative flow resulting in over an album’s worth of tracks. He described “Another Year Gone By as “a stream of consciousness-inspired, psychedelic freakout that could have only been captured live.” At Sunflower Philly next month, the group will have the chance to channel the live energy of the track in front of an audience.

Tickets for Electric Candlelight’s Sunflower Philly gig on May 21st with Total Rubbish, DJ EGBIII, and Guitar Army are available here. The event is presented by Human Robot & Sometimes Magazine. Listen to the new song “Another Year Gone By” below.