“What is a body but a cage to the spirit”

Last year Philly’s own Selina Carrera, better known as Cvgebird, dropped her new single “Frida Trap.” The singer and poet’s house / trap anthem energizes listeners to stay on their feet while encouraging them to break out of the mental and emotional prison society subconsciously puts them in. Recently, Cvgebird released the video for single where she honors artist/activist Frida Khalo. 

“I tried to drown all my sorrows but you know them bastards they learned how to swim”

The video starts off with Cvgebird in a factory, looking at herself in a mirror and drinking while a poem is being recited, almost as if she’s having a conversation with herself. Throughout the video, you see different forms of art such as dancing and murals located in North Philly while Cvgebird recites her trap cadence lyrics. “Frida Trap” video was a way of showing the beauty and art that lies in the trap.

Check out Cvgebird’s new video “Frida Trap” below, and discover more of her music here.