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“I want to move myself,” sings Camden singer-songwriter Kingsley Ibeneche in “So Kind,” and for Ibeneche, the movement he seeks is forward-directed. 

“So Kind” is all about growing into one’s own, in ways that both use internal strength and commitment to transformation as well as external influences that shape who we are. Ibeneche channels this message through the visuals by showing the people, places, and parts of identity that have helped influence him on his journey.

With the help of photographer and director Marcus Branch, the music video’s bright and warm visuals align with the delicacy of Ibeneche’s vocals and emphasize a sense of positive change. Ibeneche spoke to The Key about the evolutionary and grounding nature of the track:

“So Kind is a chant to new beginnings, to transformation into a more balanced human, and to the renunciation of excessive kindness when kindness is not what is called for. It is not a call toward descent into harm, but an invocation; summoning a more complex, flexible reality. One in which actions are not automatic or compulsive but tailored to fit the moment, and to what will be most healing. Born from a time of collective isolation, we chose to paint a picture of “the village”—of the people and spaces that nurture us into the people we are and who we are becoming. For me personally, that picture included earth tones, verdant fields, Nigerian symbolism, dance, and family portraits. We hoped to provide a visual representation of the rebirth and transformation that is made possible through the village itself; with the support, challenges and opportunities for healing that come with being in community.”

The pursuit of free and spontaneous expression, as opposed to acting on society’s standards or expectations, is the core message of “So Kind,” and its music video calls on others to lean into their support systems and influential spaces to seek the same change of self. Watch it below.

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