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Mesh is going to make you wait for it. Almost two years since releasing their fuzz-drenched demos that amassed a cult-like following, they dropped their debut EP. To celebrate the long-awaited occasion, the band released a run of cassette tapes via Born Yesterday Records. A testament to the sheer obsession surrounding them, the tapes sold out almost immediately.

Initially the bedroom project of vocalist Sims Hardin, he recruited Steve Darling (drums), Allison Durham (guitar and vocals), and Tom Reise (bass) to write and record the album. The result is sludgy post-punk perfection that is well worth the delay.

Clocking in at just over 12 minutes, Mesh’s self-titled EP feels like a total frenzy. With two new tracks and three reworked demos, they speed through the album at a breakneck pace. From the first frantic seconds of “CIA Mind Control,” Mesh makes it clear you better buckle up. Taking jabs at corporate etiquette on “Company Jeep,” Hardin wryly jokes about losing it and crashing his car through the breakroom. The terse and angular “Missing Link” seems like it could swerve out of control at any second. Hardin’s aggressive vocals keep the track in check until the last second when it crashes into “Ur Dead.” Going out with a bang, it feels like a jarring slam on the breaks.

While the initial run of tapes has already sold out, the band announced they are planning a re-press. You can pre-order one on their Bandcamp and stream the full EP below.

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