Indie singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza has announced a string of fall tour dates that will kick off in her hometown, Asheville, NC, on August 26. She will be making a stop in Philly to play PhilaMOCA on September 22. 

Earlier this month, De Souza re-released her 2018 debut, I Love My Mom, through Saddle Creek. A ten-song break-down, the album was recorded almost entirely live at her friend’s house over just a couple of days. Flustered by the strength of her feelings, she breathlessly delivers lyrics about first kisses and death with urgent honesty. Succumbing to teenage nihilism on “Home Team” and confessing to falling out of love on “Take Off Ur Pants,” her garage-pop feels like catharsis. Over grunge-inspired guitar riffs, she has no problem screaming lyrics that most people couldn’t bring themselves to scribble in a diary.

De Souza also announced her new album, Any Shape You Take, which will be out on August 27. She has since released her first single, “Kill Me.” Worn down and desperate, she begs for her darling devil to kill her in the morning. Requesting that they do it under a Magnolia tree and call her mom afterward, she doesn’t seem sad as she daydreams about dying. Instead, she is addicted to self-sacrifice, admitting that she’s always the one to clean up when the party is over. Embracing her martyr status, she insists, “if they ask you / where I am, well tell them I was all done / tell them, that I wasn’t having much fun.” With an apocalyptic outro complete with crashing percussion, she seems to usher in the end of the world. 

“I wrote ‘Kill Me’ sometime in 2018 when I was really tired and fucked up in a lot of ways. I was deeply consumed in big crazy love and coming to terms with the reality of living with mental illness. I recorded myself stream-of-conscious singing it on the kitchen floor at night with my laptop cam. I found the video about a year later and could barely recognize the person singing. It was such a strange feeling watching the video because I couldn’t remember writing the song, but little bits and pieces of it felt familiar to me. It felt like it had been a lot longer than a year,” De Souza said in a press statement.  

You can grab your tickets to her show here and watch the video directed by Jordan Alexander below.