Billie Eilish was born to be bad. Making deals with the devil and selling her soul on her latest single, “NDA,” she’s merciless. The track is the latest from her upcoming album, Happier Than Ever, which will be out June 30 via Darkroom/Interscope Records.

In the same vein as “Bad Guy,” the song features a creeping beat and sinister undertones. Up to no good, Eilish teases, “I can crave you, but you don’t need to know.” With thoughts of disappearing and changing her number, she delights in the sheer chaos. Cloaked in secrecy, she makes doing the wrong thing seem so right. Singing about making someone sign non-disclosure agreements before they come over, the covert nature of their relationship seems to only add to the allure. 

To accompany the single, Eilish dropped a self-directed video. Filmed in one shot with stunt drivers soaring around her, it has the same adrenaline rush as the song. Swerving as she falls to her knees, the headlights give her a halo. Full of urgency and recklessness, Eilish seems on the verge of collapsing as she wonders if she took things too far. A total breakdown it’s the moment when reality hits, and you’re forced to reflect on what exactly you’re doing. 

Eilish will also be playing Firefly Festival this year — you can grab tickets here — and she also plays Wells Fargo Center in 2022. Stream the video below and for the latest concert news in the Philly region, check out the XPN Concert Calendar.