Goodbye Again release debut single "Rum and Coke" - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Goodbye Again don’t need an introduction. Ripping through their first-ever live set at Haus of Yarga Sunday night, you could feel the floor shaking as people pushed and shoved in a sweat-drenched mosh pit. Ending with a Weezer cover that sent the crowd into a frenzy, as everyone left the basement they knew they had witnessed something special. The band’s first single, “Rum and Coke” embodies the same undeniable talent and sheer brilliance. 

A much-needed dose of midwest emo from the east coast, the band resembles a young Modern Baseball or Joyce Manor. Still, whether you’re watching them live or listening to their fuzz-drenched new single, there’s something inexplicable about them. Whether it’s their unabashed punk approach or earnest delivery, they possess some sort of magic you can’t quite pinpoint. A vicious bassline and crashing percussion round out the track as vocalist Jonny McLeod half-shouts a chorus written about the show Invincible. Tearing it up in just over two minutes it’s hard to believe it’s their first (and only) release. 

You can stream “Rum and Coke” below and keep up with the band via Instagram for show updates. 

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