While the pandemic was a setback for a lot of artists, it was a blessing in disguise for PIERI. Using her stimulus check to finance the video for her latest song, “Quien Paga,” she crafted a two-minute trip in the fast lane. The San Miguel de Allende, Mexico-born, Philly-based rapper, brings the same badass energy and breakneck beats as we’ve heard on her previous single “Kitican.”

Featuring jewelry store shopping sprees, highway races, and a ton of cash thrown in the air, the video directed by Daniel Brennan is wild. Flitting between videogame footage of PIERI racing through the streets on a four-wheeler and her screaming into a spinning camera, it shows she’s cutthroat and hellbent on doing whatever she wants whenever she wants. With the dinging of a cash register and flashy new bling, she makes you want to jump into the overindulgent daze she creates.

“‘Quien Paga’ is built-up energy exploding in your face,” PIERI said in a statement. “I wrote it at a low moment in my life to have something to listen back to when I need to pick myself back up.”

You can check out the video for “Quien Paga” below and stream the rest of her music here.