It’s difficult to pinpoint Philadelphia’s Great Time to any one genre, and that’s the way they like it. On August 19th, GREAT TIME released the music video for their lead single “80z Slo Jam” off the EP Sounds Like____[Vol. 2]. The song is an eclectic dance pop jam and the imagery is delightfully retro. Electronic beats provide the groove underneath frontperson Jill Ryan’s dreamy voice.

The narrative of the new music video for the song shows Great Time dressed up in formal office attire addressing a business contract to “Big Music Label.” Later, they change their minds about catering to the music industry executives, and destroy the office like a great rock and roll band would treat a hotel room. Great Time is in rebellion against industry standards and critics who suggested the band should “pick a lane or a genre,” something they reflected on in this interview with The Key’s Samantha Sullivan. They’re doing neither, and according to Great Time, “Sounds Like is our way of defying that while staying true to ourselves.” 

Watch the full video below. Great Time appears at the XPoNential Music Festival next month, and after that will headline at The Lounge at World Cafe Live on October 10th; tickets for both can be found via XPN’s Concert Calendar