This morning, central PA soul / pop singer Kiana Corley released her new single “Rent”: a song about a lost love occupying her mind long after their relationship. Despite the sad nature of the lyrics, the song is bright and poppy. It’s a feel-good, self-aware breakup song that lingers in your mind much like the ex described in the song. In the chorus, Corley sings, “I’ll cover your rent just this once / for living in my head every day of the month.”

Besides releasing music under her own name, Corley also sings and plays guitar for Lancaster-based band No Bad Days. Corley’s versatility is what gives her music a distinct style; her voice carries a soulful tone and her lyrics tell a folk story — often with an empowering message. Contributing rock and roll vibes and music production is Corley’s bandmates and friends: Brady “Byrds” Spangler, Tyler Samsel, Nathan Kraus, and Sean Grahn.

“Rent” is available today on Spotify, alongside the singer / songwriter’s latest EP, Take It or Leave It, released this past April.