Even though Dave Hause requested to be buried in Philly, he sure can write a country song. If you didn’t know him outside of his most recent single, “Surfboard,” you could easily mistake him for being Southern born and raised. The track is the latest from his upcoming album, Blood Harmony, which will be out via Blood Harmony Records/Soundly Music on October 22. Hause will also be supporting The Avett Brothers in Philadelphia on September 21 at TD Pavilion at The Mann. 

The single is an attempt to bargain with God as Hause struggles to stay afloat after getting laid off. Lyrically he takes a light-hearted approach to a heavy request as he promises to go to church every Sunday, not just on Christmas Day. He offers to exchange his landlord for a few small favors over bright Americana. With a slight southern twang and folk-inspired strumming, it sounds more like he’s talking to an old friend than begging for forgiveness. Sticking with the summery imagery of his first single, “Sandy Sheets,” his Hail Mary is sun drenched.

“If God is up there, I’m sure she’s laughing at most of the prayers we make; I know that when I do find myself praying, it’s usually to just ask for something ridiculous, like a surfboard or a couple hundred grand,” Haus said in a statement. 

Blood Harmony is a celebration of family, the title a reference to the unique sound that Dave and his brother Tim create when they sing together. It’s also a nod to his twins, who will grow up to find their own blood harmony, Dave said in a statement. While the collaboration with his brother is close to his heart, Dave also enlisted members of the E Street Band, Sheryl Crow, Brandi Carlile, Sturgill Simpson, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, Brothers Osborne, and more to work on the album. An exploration of his role as a father, husband, and musician the release is brimming with joy amidst the complexity. 

You can stream the track below and grab tickets to his show with the Avett brothers here.