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Brian Dale Allen Strouse makes time stop on “Nothing Matters More.” Spending the better part of a decade fronting the Philly-based band, The Lawsuits, when they broke up in 2018, he started exploring some of his past work. Taking some time to flip through old journals, experiment in the studio, and revisit some unfinished demos, Strouse has since released six singles. His latest being, “Nothing Matters More,” a syrupy love song that makes the rest of the world melt away.

With the only accompaniment coming from the gentle strumming of his acoustic guitar, Strouse is in his most minimal state. Not trying to overcomplicate things, he puts it as simply as he can, singing “I love you / nothing matters more.” Gauzy and gossamer, it’s like everything else has vanished. His delicate vocals make it seem like he’s drifting through a dream, too consumed by who he’s singing about to notice anything else around him.

In the music video directed by Kirby Sybert, Strouse is in a room flooded with red light. Possessing the same hazy quality as the song, everything else is out of focus except for the lyrics he’s writing on the wall. With intense concentration, it looks like he’s working out a complex equation just to end up with the same answer over and over again. That being a circled “I love you” standing out amongst the mess of sketches and scribbles.

You can watch the video below and stream “Nothing Matters More” here.
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