Philly duo Ghösh specializes in frenzied, frenetic blasts of rhythm and sound, spitfire raps from vocalist Symphony Spell and hype-person energy from cohort Zachary Fairbrother.

After an impressive run of singles last year, the duo releases its debut EP on Get Better Records on Friday, October 1st, and this week the latest teaser single from it hit the internet. Like the EP at large, “Toxic” is built around distorted, choppy breakbeats, metal riffs and R&B samples, like two decades of music in a blender.

Lyrically, Spell uses this particular two-minutes-and-change to reflect on the frustrations of desire and wanting something you know is bad for you: “You’re my favorite kind of mischief, you’re my favorite kind of pain / Take me over; you’re the virus, you’re the virus that I crave.”

In addition to the mosh-ready sampledelic backing, “Toxic” is given added lift by a live rhythm section of Mannequin Pussy’s Bear Regisford bass, and Anne Doyle of Cymbals Eat Guitars on drums.

Listen below, and grab a pre-order of Ghösh’s Alien Nation at Bandcamp; the EP drops October 1st via Get Better Records.