Cory Henry wants you to tell everybody about their new album Best of Me. Teasing the crowd last night he asked “how many bodies?” To which they joyfully shouted back: “everybody!” With the outpouring of enthusiasm that the audience expressed, there’s no doubt that everyone in the crowd will be playing it for their mother, brother, father, sister, cousin, and friend as Henry instructed. Released only a few hours before the band took Marina stage, they played all new music which instantly became fan favorites. 

Funky and fluid, the band was like water. During their set, they seemed to be operating as one entity, not as individual musicians. They were so effortlessly in sync you had to wonder if they could read each other’s minds or something. Their set had the same ebb and flow of the tides as soon as the energy dipped, they would summon up another wave of excitement. 

The audience also seemed to become an extension of the band, moving in perfect unison with the deluge of bluesy riffs and groovy basslines. Following Henry’s cues to throw their hands in the air or stomp along to the beat, even the youngest members of the crowd could be heard gleefully chanting along to Henry’s “left right left right” command. 

However, at the heart of their performance was this feeling of pure joy. The smile never left Henry’s face as the band wailed behind him, and he jumped up and down over his keys. Accompanied by his dog on stage, it was clear he was having the time of his life. The excitement was infectious and completely captivating. Despite ending with “Alarm,” a song celebrating being an introvert, it was clear that there was nowhere else they’d rather be.

Listen back the tonight’s performance and check out a gallery of photos below.

Corey Henry – XPoNential Music Fest
The Opening
Up The Road
2 A.M.
Best OF Me
Dreaming Of
Round About