Kristine Leschper releases ornate lead single "Ribbon" from her upcoming album 'The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door' - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

After breaking up with her old moniker, Kristine Leschper (FKA Mothers), has tunnel vision on love. A step away from the aching of her previous releases, she’s tender and ethereal on her latest single, “Ribbon.” The track is the lead single for her upcoming album, The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door, which will be out March 4 via Anti- Records. 

The song mirrors the flow and gentle unraveling of an actual ribbon. Despite the range of instruments Leschper includes — woodblocks, a clarinet, a stand-up bass, and a violin — it still flirts with minimalism. Instead, it feels like the careful ornateness of a stained glass window when it catches the light, a patchwork of colors that deftly blend together. Her avant-garde song structure and lyrics that feel like they were torn from poetry book pages only add to the abstract grace of the song. 

“I found myself wanting to explore love songs, and this is really the framework of The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door,” said Leschper in a statement. “‘Ribbon’ is a love song that holds a certain tension — it is the taut line of attempting to read the intentions of another, built with imagery of opposing materialities: a knife meets a ribbon, asking for a kind of vulnerability. A suggestion of something new emerging at this intersection.”

The video for “Ribbon” was Leschper’s first time writing, directing, and set designing. It is an exploration of our grip on reality and was inspired by questions surrounding the ways we transcend it. Gorgeous textiles surround her and the band who are lit by soft vintage lamps; it feels like an antique store in outer space. Fading in and out throughout the video, Leschper explores this constantly evolving reality as things vanish from the frame and into thin air. 

You can pre-order the album here and stream the video below. 

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