SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE isn’t done with the immersive, otherworldly explorations of ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH, and rightfully so. The Philadelphia-based band has announced a 7” including “THE DOOR IS OPEN” and “THE DOOR IS CLOSING” that is available for pre-order through Saddle Creek. The release is limited to 1,000 copies, with 500 of them being on an overcast teal vinyl (Open Edition) and 500 copies on a blush and seafoam vinyl (Closed Edition).

The 7″ possesses a slightly terrifying energy matched with a manic delivery. The eerie synthesizers and the heavy distortion on the vocals make you feel like you’re being sucked into some sort of glitched-out purgatory. “THE DOOR IS OPEN” seems like a vision given to you by an acid angel or devil in disguise. “THE DOOR IS CLOSING,” which was originally released on the Through The Soil compilation that benefited NAMI last spring, gives you the same out-of-body experience.

For those still trying to snag a copy of ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH, Saddle Creek has restocked their shop with an “Ice Cream color” edition. SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE will also be playing in Philadelphia on April 9 at First Unitarian Church with Deeper.

You can stream the tracks below and pre-order a copy of the 7” here.