They Are Gutting a Body of Water will have you wondering if you’re in heaven or hell with their latest track, “Diamond Dallas Page.” The track is from EPCOT, their recent split with experimental Rochester band Full Body 2. The bands initially did a run of sapphire tapes back in October through Citrus City but have since uploaded the EP to streaming services.

The music video for “Diamond Dallas Page,” which was directed by Kind Con, is full of unworldly distorted angels, warped writing, and deluge of static. It feels like something alien and incomprehensible and lacks any earthly quality. Everything is only vaguely recognizable, a flash in the pan that quickly gets too distorted to make any sense. There’s something endlessly captivating and cryptic about it that commands your attention, even if you have no clue what exactly you’re watching.

The rest of the split is just as glitched out as the video. TAGABOW’s other track, “Menthol Box (feat Casper McFadden)” is frantic breakcore and sports a BPM so high it will make your head spin. Full Body 2 delivers lush shoegaze that is simultaneously ethereal and crushing. The pounding beats, veiled vocals, and overwhelming electronic elements give their tracks a certain weight. The split as a wgike lures you into this slightly dazed state where nothing feels real, and all you can focus on is the whirl of sound around you.

You can watch the video below and stream the entire split here.