Philly singer-songwriter Justmadnice started out 2022 with a pair of delicate new songs and an on-the-fly music video.

“Yesterday I met up with the homies Mark Menk and Tevin RIvera to make some magic – very serendipitously,” they posted on Instagram this week. The magic in question is “Resolution,” their second song of the new year, with Menk’s audio recording paired with candid footage shot by Rivera in a Center City alleyway. In an email to us, Justmadnice said song and video were made in a single day and called it “a fun experiment!”

“Resolution” is minimal like much of JMN’s work — particularly their striking Small EP from last year — and is built around the gliding tones of a baritone guitar and delicately layered vocal harmonies, as they sing “I found resolution in making new choices, I found resolution in the hum of my voice.”

Watch the video below, and grab a download of the song at Justmadnice’s Bandcamp, where you’ll also find another new demo called “Big World.”