Philly indie power-pop four-piece Big Nothing are returning next month with another helping of crunchy riffs and soaring hooks — this time from their new home at Lame-O Records.

Band members Matt Quinn (guitar and vocals), Liz Parsons (bass and vocals), Pat Graham (guitar and vocals), and Chris Jordan (drums) have existed in the orbit of the beloved local indie for years now, and announced today that they’ll be releasing their next album through Lame-O. Dog Hours comes out Friday, February 18th, and Big Nothing just shared their lead single from it, “A Lot Of Finding Out,” a spirited song that hearkens back to The Replacements and Superchunk.

In a press release, the band says the album explores all of the uncertainties and existential dread of adulthood, but as we hear in the new song, it does so with verve and melody and a hopeful outlook. Listen to “A Lot of Finding Out” below, pre-order Dog Hours at Lame-O’s website, and keep an eye out for details on the band’s Philly album release party. It’s tentatively set for March 18th in Philly, venue TBA; we’ll share more info when we have it.