Last year, Philly’s Sophie Coran released her first full-length project, S P A C E, an amalgam of smoky jazz, shimmering pop, and heartfelt soul by the singer-songwriter and pianist. This week, Coran released a kaleidoscopic music video for the title track, featuring a single overhead shot of her face as colors blend and swirl all around her.

“The process of making this video was totally crazy, and it involved me being submerged in a tub of cold, milky water, with food coloring and glitter being dropped in over the course of the song,” Coran wrote. “We repeated this process several times throughout the day.”

Coran calls it “probably the coolest and most challenging project I’ve ever gotten to make,” says she was stoked to once again collaborate with videographer Will DeJessa. Watch it below; S P A C E is available now at Sophie Coran’s Bandcamp page.