English singer-songwriter Beth Orton is back with her first new music in six years. The veteran of both Chemical Brothers records and Lilith Fair lineups, whose breakthrough sound is defined by acoustic-electronic hybrid folk, today shares single “Forever Young” from the new album Weather Alive, out September 23rd via Partisan Records. 

Accompanied by The Smile drummer Tom Skinner and jazz visionary Alabaster DePlume, Orton updates her popular sound for a new era, one that more seamlessly merges her acoustic sensibilities and electronic production. There’s little structure to “Forever Young;” the elements of the song, like thumping bass lines or vocal harmonies, fade in and out softly with little reason, only feeling. 

“I wanted to be one of those women who are all sorted and put together some day, but at 40, I kept getting messier and things just kept going wrong,” Orton says in a press release. “This record explores all of that. I’m talking about my experiences possibly in a more personal way than I ever have but the important part will be how this music makes other people feel.” She continues, “It’s not a finished masterpiece, it is a collaboration with time, of someone struggling to make sense. And in that struggle, something beautiful got made.”

You can listen to single “Forever Young” at the link below, and stay tuned for Weather Alive out on September 23rd. We are also pleased that Beth Orton is this week’s guest at WXPN’s Free At Noon Concert series, and you can RSVP to the event happening this Friday here.

Beth Orton - Forever Young