So far, the response to this week’s #TBTXPN “waltz” theme has taken two approaches: folks are either chiming in to say “that song’s not in 3/4 time,” or they’re saying “what the heck is 3/4 time?”

To help demystify this most music nerdy of themes, the XPN Morning Show’s Kristen Kurtis welcomed singer-songwriter and music educator Andrew Lipke on the air this morning for a quick lesson on time signatures in the “explain it like I’m 5” sense.

“Essentially the time signature…is where the pulse of the music lies,” Lipke said, giving a crash course on meters, quarter notes and whole notes, and overall helping clear the air for listeners as the day moves forward.

I know how to read music and live with a self-proclaimed time signature nerd and this is the first time I feel like I understand written music,” said XPN listener Kelly on Twitter. Morning show fan Sarah chimed in to say “doing a music theory lesson on 3/4 time for today’s #tbtXPN @wxpnfm @kristenkurtis  you love to see it 🎶🎶 📻📻”

Listen to what Lipke had to say below.

Andrew Lipke talks 3/4 time for TBTXPN