A mover and shaker in the South Philly DIY-verse, Mattie Klauser’s latest project, Pillow Princess, made its recorded debut today.

The driving force behind the much-loved Philly indie outfit Secret Nudist Friends — as well as a key player in Blushed, and organizer of Good How Are You records as well as its adjacent festival — Klauser has spent their time in the post-COVID new normal playing guitar in Kelsey Cork & The Swigs, drumming in Mandy Valentine, and launching this band.

The two new songs on this double A-side single show two distinct vibes for Pillow Princess. “Photo” is a harsh look at the world of social media set to driving and psych rock tones that are very much in line with Klauser’s past work; imagine an acid trip with The Monkees and The Kinks. It’s solid and so much fun, but from our “Nowhere To Be” is the track to hear of these two, just for the surprising nature of it; it’s dipped in the smooth 70s pop tones of Seals & Crofts, but not like the kitschy and cynical “yacht rock” trend — this is an honest appreciation and emulation of a sincere style, used to share a story about the intersection of love and anxiety.

On this recording, Klauser is joined by Nikki Moscony on keys, Samuel Nobles on bass, and Alex Clayton on drums, and they celebrate the new music with a show Friday night, September 9th, at South Broad Street venue The Dolphin; check the Concerts and Events page for more, and to find out about Pillow Princess’ future gigs.