Local alternative rock band Grocer released its new single “Downtown Side” yesterday to announce their new EP Scatter Plot coming March 3rd via Grind Select. Scatter Plot follows 2022’s full-length, the intellectual and disillusioned Numbers Game.

With three lead vocalists, Grocer keeps things interesting by shuffling around their players. Guitarist and singer Nicholas Rahn picks up the mic for this one, and describes in a sing-songy deadpan a couple of brutal falls, which at first appear metaphorical… that is until you find out Rahn has a sensitive case of Vasovagal Syncope, a condition that makes him prone to fainting.

The narrative is punctuated by Grocer’s typical symphony of all manner of percussive instrumentation, implemented with mathematical accuracy. All in all, “Downtown Side” is a strong example of what Grocer is capable of, and bodes well for all us fans that Scatter Plot will deliver.

Grocer plays Silk City Diner later this month on the 27th with Brother Moses and Glitterspitter. And they kick off a cross country tour with a show at Johnny Brenda’s on March 4th. Tickets are available at the WXPN Concerts and Events page.