Ah yes, the food-based video. It never fails to make for a fun and oftentimes hallucinogenic concept, and Philly’s Grocer wields it in a big way on their new clip for “Smooth Operator.”

No, it’s not a Sade cover, though the band says in a press release that they do like that song, and the lyrics make mention of “smoke pouring from a 4-door truck and the stereo’s stuck playing Smooth Operator.” Really, it’s what drummer Cody Nelson describes as a biting satire of “the classic disgruntled American man and his daily…hardships. We had fun playing around with various ‘smooth’ elements, like a fretless bass walking pattern, but naturally tried to turn them on their head to make them sound demented, heavy, and dark.”

Visually that translates to a frenzied grocery store spree, and a disorienting dinner table gorging session, with lab-coat clad scientists measuring the mess that results. It’s all captured and compiled by the band’s Nicholas Rahn, and while what we see is not a food fight per se, it’s nevertheless a lively struggle as the Animal Collective-esque cyclonic swirl escalates faster and faster.

Watch below, pre-order Grocer’s latest project Scatter Plot at Bandcamp, make plans to see them at Johnny Brenda’s on Saturday, March 4th when they kick off tour with Teenage Halloween at Johnny Brenda’s. Details on the show can be found at WXPN’s Concerts and Events page; Scatter Plot releases March 3rd on Grind Select.

Grocer - Smooth Operator