In a comeback that a lot of folks simply did not see coming, Doylestown post-rock / emo five-piece Balance and Composure today released their first new songs in seven years.

The Too Quick To Forgive EP, which is comprised of the turbulent rocker “Savior Mode” and the burning and expansive “Last To Know,” is out now on producer Will Yip’s label Memory Music, with a music video for “Savior Mode.” Lyrically, both songs appear to come from the perspective of estrangement from another person, sorting through emotional detritus in the hopes of coming out stronger on the other side.

“Some people can use you up for what they need and then abandon you when they feel fulfilled,” lead singer Jon Simons says, noting that with “Last To Know,” “I just wanted to say my piece.”

In addition to the singles, the band has four reunion shows lined up — their first since 2019 — beginning on Friday, June 16th, at Union Transfer. Tickets are on sale this Friday, more information can be found at XPN’s Concerts and Events page. Preorder vinyl of Too Quick To Forgive here.

Balance and Composure - Savior Mode

Balance and Composure | photo by Ashley Gellman