When he’s not playing drums in Humilitarian or Bröthers, Elijah Glovas-Kurtz records solo songs under the name Clear Deep Sea. “lofi music for lofi people” is the tagline on their Bandcamp page, and this spring, he’s been trickling out singles from Rockets, the album Clear Deep Sea plans on releasing this month.

“Won’t Be Home,” the newest, is a chugging rock song with warm amp tones and guitar fuzz in the spirit of Nothing and Hum; it was recorded last summer at Hidden Fortress Studios and features Glovas-Kurtz playing pretty much everything you hear; its predecessor “Did I Tell You?” is slated to open the album, but its recording dates back to the heady lockdown era of early 2021.

Take a listen to both below. Clear Deep Sea is primarily a studio project for Glovaz-Kurtz, and though they have been known to play live (including a recent Green Line show with Dante Robinson, another one of his musical collaborators); their next show will be Upstairs at Abyssinia on May 19th. Beyond that, Bandcamp is the place to keep your sights set for more on this project as it unfolds.