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Low Cut Connie - NON-COMM 2023
Low Cut Connie
  • Private Lives
  • Sleaze Me On
  • Big Boy
  • Are You Gonna Run?
  • Don't Get Fresh With Me
  • Whips And Chains

At this point, it feels insufficient to describe a Low Cut Connie show with words like rambunctious, electrifying, and invigorating. If you’ve gotten a chance to see Adam Weiner and his band live, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you should probably remedy that at your earlier convenience (may I suggest this year’s XPoNential Music Festival as the ideal opportunity).

Regardless, Low Cut Connie was the ideal candidate to kick-off night one of the 2023 NON-COMMvention, a band practically designed to engage and excite. Low Cut Connie could open any show, anywhere. Heck, they could probably open a supermarket to an impressive amount of fanfare. If the reception the band got as they arrived on stage is any indication, the fans packed into the World Cafe Live Lounge on Tuesday evening agreed whole-heartedly with that sentiment. “Radio makes music sound better,” said Weiner from behind his piano. The only argument, perhaps, was how good the band sounded live in the room, rifling through songs from their upcoming record Art Dealers (due out 9/8 on Contender Records), including the wonderfully titled “Sleaze Me On” and “Don’t Get Fresh With Me.”

By the end of their set the band had pulled out all the stops, somehow making time for not only guitar heroics but vocal and piano heroics as well, all culminating in Weiner’s shirt-busting foray into the World Cafe Live audience.

Low Cut Connie - Full Set (NON-COMM 2023)
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