This year, Philadelphia garage rock band Kelsey Cork and The Swigs is releasing their debut full-length album, and we’re taking you behind the scenes. Lollygaggers On South Broad is a multi-part documentary WXPN filmed over four days in March of 2022 as the band hunkered down in their South Philly apartment to work with producer Matt Schenck.

Episode two of the series, “Unmixed, Unmastered, Drop It!,” looks at the musicians’ various interconnecting paths over the years, and how they honed the music that makes up the album, as told by drummer Branden King. We also watch as the band informally rehearse and then fully rock out to “Do You Love Me,” the first cut from the album to get recorded, and we see their reaction upon hearing the playback from the mixing console speakers.

Below, watch Episode Two of Lollygaggers On South Broad; listen to the first single from the album, “Don’t Need You,” at Bandcamp, and keep an ear out for the next single, “Leo Szn,” which drops tomorrow. Look for episode three at the end of June, and watch for Lollygagger to release in July.

Lollygaggers On South Broad: Kelsey Cork and The Swigs Make An Album | Pt. 2: "Unmixed, Unmastered, Drop It!"