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I first saw Sunnie in 2018. My friend CJ put on a show at Boom Room Studio, and I saw her perform, loved her voice, and got into listening to her music. Her song “Magic” got me right away, and some then I’ve gotten to see her do her thing performing all throughout the twi-state area. She dropped two albums — her debut It’s 2 a.m. Somewhere and Magic — and earlier this spring, she dropped a brand new project called Bloom. And she also sells honey on the side!

We talked about staying productive; on the impact of Lauryn Hill on her music; about her songwriting process, from freestyling to finding beats on YouTube; her thoughts on top pizza spots in her native New Jersey, and more.

Listen to our full conversation and read excerpts below.

Sunnie on WXPN Local

…on being independent versus having a team.

I try to get a lot done. I have more help in different areas now, but physically, taking care of all my own decorations, that gets to be a lot, you know? I wish I had a van and someone to drive it and other people to carry everything. That would be great, haha. but I can still hold it together and keep track of everything.

…on inspiration from Ms. Lauryn Hill.

I don’t know her personally, but the vibe I get is that she’s honest. She’s gonna say what’s on her mind one way or the other. I really like that, and for her to make it sound so pretty. The messages in her songs when it comes to her specific album, it cuts right across, but it feels good. It’s well-written. And it literally lives on forever. Even to this day – I want my stuff to be like that.

…on her favorite place to be creative.

I freestyle in my car. That’s my special spot. I think that’s better than in the studio, personally. It feels different. YOu’re in a glass box. I sit in the driveway; my car is my office. I could have a whole house, food ,a pool, and office, and I’ll go to my car. That’s my sanctuary.

Day In The Life: Sunnie (Sold Out Show W/ Alameda) | Silk City, Philadelphia PA
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