Returning to our studio for this Indie Rock Hit Parade live session is Cut Worms, whose new self-titled album was just released. Led by singer-guitarist Max Clarke, Cut Worms’ third appearance on IRHP brings with it a batch of strong new material (and a few new bandmates).

For this performance, the band plays through Cut Worms‘ first four tracks, starting with recent XPN favorite “Don’t Fade Out.” Next is the rollicking “Take it and Smile,” and the album’s lead single, “Ballad of the Texas King.” Knowing the latter’s inspiration from the mysterious death of early rock n’ roller Bobby Fuller gives a keen insight into Clarke’s darkly humorous songwriting approach (see also: Cut Worms’ second IRHP appearance, recorded “live” at an abandoned shopping mall). The session wraps with “I’ll Never Make It,” whose official video follows Clarke around a disquietingly charming county fair.

Watch Cut Worms’ full Indie Rock Hit Parade session below, stream the audio, and check out some photos from the studio. Cut Worms’ tour came through Philly back in the spring, but we’ll keep an eye out for their return…


Cut Worms - Full Set (Recorded Live for the Indie Rock Hit Parade)