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Archy Marshall, better known as King Krule, put on an incredible show this past Sunday in Philadelphia at Union Transfer. He and his band played an amazing set that featured tracks from not only his most recent album, Space Heavy, but previous releases like The Ooz, Man Alive! and the classic 2013 release 6 Feet Beneath the Moon.

Marshall’s poetic lyricism and production value mirrored seamlessly into his live performance, leaving the crowd in awe. His deep guttural tones and growling made for a truly sobering and intimate performance. At times, the crowd was so quiet and intent that it felt as if Marshall was performing in a small lounge instead of the cavernous Union Transfer. On the other hand, there were a few moments between songs where fans screamed out a few “I love you’s” to Marshall – there were also a few bellows of “go birds” followed by a quick E-A-G-L-E-S chant because Philly is going to Philly, no matter who is on stage. 

King Krule | photo by Melissa Simpson for WXPN

The saxophonist, Ignacio Salvadores, received multiple rounds of applause for his technical prowess and stage presence. The bluesy chord progressions of “Seaforth” and the punchy “Easy Easy” were just two of the highlights of the night. The emotional connection between the fans and King Krule was palpable, with tears shed during the encore. 

During his performance of “Seaforth,” Marshall sat crosslegged on the stage while crooning and strumming his guitar. This posturing made the performance of the song so much more personal and touching. When the song was over he laid on his back silently with the guitar resting on his chest as the crowd roared with appreciative applause. 

Marshall’s 11-year iconic alias of King Krule comes through in his incredibly intimate shows, and at Union Transfer this weekend, his profound love for his fan base was made clear.

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