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The Hooters released a music video for their recent single “Why Won’t You Call Me Back,” on August 15th. The Philly band behind early ‘80s hits such as “And We Danced” and “All You Zombies” became animated characters to perform their single in the group’s fun and colorful video, which was animated by Jay McQuirns.

“Why Won’t You Call Me Back” comes from The Hooters’ 2023 album Rocking & Swing, the band’s first studio album since 2008’s Time Stand Still. Since their earliest album Amore in 1983, their sound has focused on singable, anthemic rock hooks, with a sprinkling of folk, pop, and ska elements. Their 1987 single “Johnny B.” is a straight-forward example of this, as it begins with a flute and mandolin-esque intro before breaking into a dramatic power pop arrangement with classic, reverb-soaked drums and warm electric guitars. 

However, the 2023 sound for The Hooters tends more towards ska than folk, especially on “Why Won’t You Call Me Back.” The music video has a slightly psychedelic aura to it, with the animated band floating on top of whirling colors similar to that of stage lights. Live show clips are interspersed throughout the video, along with the song’s lyrics. The track itself sounds joyous, despite the pleading, desperate lyrics. The syncopated organ hits add a head-bobbing, foot-tapping rhythm that is difficult to resist, and the horn section provides a solid melodic hook in between the sections of the song. 

Currently on the road with Rick Springfield’s “I Want My 80s” Tour, The Hooters will be returning home to the greater Philadelphia area to play two nights at the Keswick Theatre on Nov. 3rd and 4th. Tickets for the weekend can be found using the WXPN Concerts and Events page. Check out the music video for “Why Won’t You Call Me Back” here!

Why Won't You Call Me Back - The Hooters (Official Video)
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