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Big Hug Records, operating out of Brooklyn, New York, is a project put together by Sam Weisenthal, a jack of all trades in the world of music management and promotion. The project serves to inspire collaboration between artists to support important causes through compilation records, the first of which being Big Hug Volume One. The proceeds from the first volume of the series will be going toward Lambda Legal, which is aptly described on their webpage as “an American civil rights organization that focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities as well as people living with HIV/AIDS through impact litigation, societal education, and public policy work.”

Philly singer-songwriter Greg Mendez holds the seventh spot on the album with a track titled “Lining the Sheets”. He handles his craft with care, which has been evident throughout his entire time spent in the local music scene. “Lining the Sheets” is gentle, yet jaded, evoking bitter feelings while softening the blow with tender guitar plucks and Mendez’s subtle vocal aptitude. The style Mendez has established thus far in this track, as well as his recent self-titled album and previous works is softspoken and concise yet profound, a la Alex G or The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle if I had to draw a comparison (which I definitely do not, as Mendez’s artistry is completely his own at heart and in execution). He’s cut a definitive path for himself in Philly’s evergrowing ecosystem of solo acts, and it’s clear that he knows just how to make music that (not to be too on the nose) sounds like receiving a big hug.

You can check out Mendez’s contribution to Big Hug Volume One – in addition to the rest of the record as well, of course – via Bandcamp. While the proceeds from the album are going to Lambda Legal, all purchases of the accompanying commemorative t-shirt will go back to Big Hug Records to cover graphic design, mastering, and tape printing costs, which aids in sustainability for this fundraising effort. Also below, you can watch the music video for “Maria”, a single from Mendez’s spring self-titled album release.

Greg Mendez - Maria
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