AJAY has released the music video for “These Yesterdays”, the title track off his debut album from February of this year. The film finds AJAY back in the dead of winter, surrounded by a frozen lake and a landscape of barren trees and snow covered fields as he grieves the loss of his love. As glasses of wine surreally spill and stand back up, logs split and reunite, AJAY channels Paul McCartney through his signature R&B falsetto, professing his longing for yesterday and wondering how things went so wrong.

While the crux of the short film centers around “These Yesterdays”, the video opens on a different track altogether. As the camera pans over shots of a snowy forest, the woozy guitar intro of “ycantwetalkaboutit” plays out, continuing for the first quarter of the video as viewers see the inciting incident that led AJAY to the forest for contemplation. His girlfriend, played by Jasmin Jones, packs and moves boxes as she prepares to leave; all while AJAY sits and sings about having to face his fears all alone now that she’s gone.

Both tracks are highlights from AJAY’s debut album, These Yesterdays. His smooth blend of 60’s and 70’s R&B, modern indie rock and alternative music, and Philly soul have made him an up-and-coming star in the local scene and one of WXPN’s recent favorites. He’s played with Ryan Gilfillian, Orion Sun, Omar’s Hat, and more as a session guitarist and was the focus of a WXPN Key Studio Session back in March. Now, AJAY is set to perform on September 22 at Silk City with Chris Walton, Haasan Barclay, and longtime friend and collaborator Brushstroke.

Watch the video for “These Yesterdays” below and get tickets to AJAY’s upcoming show at Silk City here.

AJAY - These Yesterdays (Official Video)