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Atlanta-based alt-country indie powerhouse Faye Webster recently shared two singles with us. Her latest, “Lifetime,” released last week, and pairs a mellow and groovy rhythm section, lingering bass line, and timid keyboard elements with simple-yet-tender lyrics. This track is reminiscent of songs from her albums Atlanta Millionaires Club and I Know I’m Funny haha, both released within the past five years. Her back-catalog tracks “Hurt Me Too,” “Jonny,” and “Sometimes” stylistically feel similar to this new song, showing that Faye has found a sound that not only suits her voice but brings life to her lyrics.

“Lifetime” seems to build upon the story we were presented within Webster’s previous standalone single, “But Not Kiss.” That song sets the scene of two people in a relationship that is on the verge of being romantic; one of them is hesitant to commit to avoid regret but still desires intimacy (“I want to sleep in your arms… but not kiss”).

In “Lifetime,” the narrator continues to deal with the complexities of a passionate but turbulent relationship, possibly the same one. Based on these lyrics in the first verse, “Can’t imagine me, before you,” the desire to be with this person remains, but instead of facing it with ignorance, the narrator accepts the connection as more meaningful than previously thought. However, it looks like the realization is overdue, for they are now in the aftermath. The presence of the past lover is no longer, and our narrator is stuck in a perpetual state of yearning for what feels like a “lifetime.”

The music video released with the single visually showcases the song’s themes. Webster is shot in different locations but is not totally present; she looks deep in thought, almost in a daze throughout the video. Midway through the video, we are brought to the tennis courts where Faye is suddenly in her late 70s and still has the same facial expression, which implies that she feels like she won’t shake the desire to be with their past lover and will think about them forever. This is the only scene with someone else in frame, juxtaposing our storyteller’s aura and the outside world. Time feels at a standstill, but in reality, nothing has changed; people are still living their lives like before. She has to learn to live without this person in her life.

“Lifeline” and “But Not Kiss” share a similar lyrical structure, with the end of each verse repeating a phrase throughout the song, further connecting the two singles. If you want to decipher the song, check out the video for “Lifeline” below and catch her on tour at the Franklin Music Hall on October 21st. Details at WXPN’s Concerts and Events page.

Faye Webster - Lifetime (Official Video)
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