The Philly based indie rockers in Mega Mango share a similar story to many DIY bands: a group of college students meet at school and form a band in their dorms. There is, however, something quite remarkable about this bedroom pop rock group.

In 2019, Mega Mango released two singles and an EP before taking a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. During this break, their debut single “You Spent All Your Love” went viral and grew an unexpected fanbase practically overnight. Refusing to leave their new fans high and dry, they bounced back in 2022 with a string of singles including “Boggle,” “Risk,” and “Sorry!”. With all the songs being named after board games, they cleverly released an EP called Fun and Games. After spending the past year on touring, Mega Mango has released a brand new single called “Space Kids.”

Branching away from their original indie pop sound, “Space Kids” dives into heavier rock. Mega Mango has always specialized in edgy and introspective lyrics, but lead singer Crow Costello’s eloquent vocals takes this song to a whole other level. Layers of electronic grunge-infused chords coincides incredibly with guitarist Alex Spagnolia’s wicked solo. These spacey new wave elements feel like a breath of fresh air. It’s near impossible to not nod your head along to this new tune.

Mega Mango will be touring with the indie rock siblings of DURRY this upcoming December. You can buy tickets now to see them play at the Foundry in Philly on December 5th; information in our Concerts and Events page. In the meantime, don’t sleep on “Space Kids” and stream it now.

Mega Mango - Space Kids