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LP Free at Noon - 11.10.2023

LP graced the World Cafe Live stage for their second Free at Noon; for those who remember, their first was a virtual performance during the pandemic lockdown back in 2021, just before the release of their fourth album, Churches. Now, with their latest release, Love Lines, LP is ready to take off on a US tour, and used the midday concert to warm up for their show at Philadelphia’s Franklin Music Hall.

Their set kicked off with the vibrant notes of “Golden,” led by the bright acoustic guitar licks and the mellifluous ukulele strums. “Golden” serves as the opening track on their new album, setting the tone for the evening.  “Girls Go Wild” from Heart to Mouth, had a subtle country twang. The crowd enthusiastically clapped in sync with the bass drum beats.

For those unacquainted with LP’s music, witnessing their rich and powerful mezzo-soprano sound is nothing short of a mind-blowing experience. The audience couldn’t contain their excitement, erupting in cheers as LP showcased the incredible range of their vocals. Watching LP perform evokes memories of the electrifying hard rock vocalists of the 80s, intertwined with the unique singing style reminiscent of Brandi Carlile — a true rarity in today’s music landscape.

Before diving into “Into the Wild” from their third album, Forever For Now, LP took a moment to humorously address the frequent appearance of the word ‘wild’ in their music, declaring, “I have a theory that everyone has a word they’re not allowed to use anymore, and mine is ‘wild’… but I don’t care!” With unwavering confidence, LP belted out the lyrics, “Into the wild, how are we living, living, living?” Their captivating performance included attention-grabbing whistles, showing their extraordinary breath control, as they effortlessly transitioned from holding long, high-pitched notes to producing flute-like, smooth whistles; it was surreal.

Transitioning from wild to mellow, the audience was treated to a dreamy piano solo, followed by the raspy harmonica came in to bring a folky sound to their pop-rock-heavy set. The melancholic “Blow,” one of the most poignant songs from their new album, featured LP’s powerful vocals as they sang, “Let the cold winds blow.” Next was the title track, “Love Lines,” which beautifully encapsulates the essence of surrendering to the enigmatic journey of how love affects life. LP introduced the song by sharing the heartwarming story of how they met their guitarist, a story intertwined in the intricacy of their past relationship.

Expressing their gratitude to World Cafe Live and WXPN for the opportunity, LP concluded their set with the classic, “Lost on You.” This crowd favorite invited audience participation, as LP encouraged the crowd to sing along. While collectively matching LP’s vocal prowess was a challenge, the audience’s attempt added a touch of beauty to the evening, the perfect way to end such an impressive performance.

Free At Noon
  • Golden
  • Long Goodbye
  • Dayglow
  • Blow / Hold The Light
  • Lost On You
  • Lovelines
  • Into The Wild
  • Girls Go Wild
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