Rock icon Brittany Howard has begun the rollout process for her upcoming album, What Now. First to be released is her single “Red Flags, out now. Howard has been on a glorious run ever since her parting from the Alabama Shakes; her debut solo album Jaime came out in 2019 to critical acclaim and Grammy recognition. Howard’s  earnest songwriting, compelling vocals, and fresh production have carried her far, and fans are waiting patiently to see how she will continue to develop her sound with this next project. 

The track “Red Flags,” starts with a breathtaking groove. Drummer Nate Smith plays complicated fills and hits in unexpected pockets. Howard worked closely with producer Shawn Everett on this project, and his ability to use spatial awareness to his advantage is phenomenal. Everett places key instrumental sounds deep within the musical atmosphere, making listeners feel like they are in the room with the artist. He includes cool, distorting effects during the chorus, unexpectedly catching listeners by surprise and engaging them further into the music. 

Howard’s vocals are soulful, layered, and prominent. Her vocal range is exceptional, and listeners can truly feel the emotion that she emits when singing. Her lyrics speak of a relationship that is difficult for her to part ways with. She sings, “The best time that I ever had, that’s when the worst times started.” Confusion overtakes her when this person gives her temporary satisfaction, but she knows in the long run that this relationship is not beneficial for her. She speaks about looking past the “Red Flags” in the relationship to continue receiving this mediocre gratification. 

Brittany Howard is guaranteed to impress fans with her newest album, as the singles that she has put out so far have been remarkable. Make sure you check out “Red Flags” along with the other single she released, the record’s title track, “What Now.” Additionally, look out for her album, What Now, available on February 2nd, 2024.

Brittany Howard - Red Flags (Lyric Video)