After nearly a decade of playing on the national blues scene, Philly’s Greg Sover took this year to take stock. He’d showed us he can excel at folk-oriented acoustic blues, at rip-roaring electric riffs, at psychedelia-dipped atmospheres. On this 2023’s HIS-STORY, he does it all, relating his personal journey while showcasing his skill at the various styles that have inspired him in his life.

We hear that in microcosm form on this week’s Key Studio Session. Joined by Kenny Aaronson on bass, Kyle Perella on slide guitar and acoustic, Tommy Keifer on drums, and Wally Smith on keys, Sover ruminates on family to cosmic Floyd/Hendrix tones on “Dark House,” he shreds and rages on the lusty “Song 28” (Easy Eye Sound, are you hearing this?) and closes on a melodic and poppy note of “One-Way Train,” reflecting on the thrill and uncertainty of life.

Watch the full Key Studio Session below, and to experience more, make your post-Thanksgiving plans now to see Greg Sover live at Free At Noon. Tickets are available, and you can RSVP here to get yours.

Greg Sover - The Key Studio Sessions (Full Set)

“Dark House”
“Song 28”
“One-Way Train”