Tre Burt Free at Noon - 1.12.2024

Emerging from the heart of Sacramento, California, Tré Burt lit up the World Cafe Live’s music hall with a captivating performance at this week’s Free At Noon. Burt, a remarkable talent known for his fusion of folk, soul, and blues, showcased his unique musical style alongside his band, affectionately called the “Burtettes” by Tré. This ensemble, featuring lead guitarist Evan P. Donahue, the smooth keyboardist James Wallace (aka “Skyway Man”), soulful bassist Alec O’Connell, and dynamic drummer Chris Brice, all of whom beautifully complemented Burt’s guitar play and his rich vocal delivery.

Their set opened with “Traffic Fiction,” the title track from Burt’s third studio album on Oh Boy Records released this past October. Its captivating arrangement filled the room, perfectly setting the stage for an afternoon. A highlight was the performance of “Wings for a Butterfly,” which stood out with its rocksteady beat and vibrant keys, immediately captivating the audience with its punchy opening.

A memorable moment between “Piece of Me” and “Win My Heart,” both from the new record, had Wallace play an audio clip of a conversation between Tré and his grandfather, a significant influence on his music. Reflecting on times spent listening to soul legends in his grandfather’s Cadillac, Tré’s journey from a busking crooner to a recording artist was evident. His album, Traffic Fiction, is more than a collection of songs; it’s a narrative of his life, filled with the soul music of his youth and the wisdom passed down from his grandfather.

The energy reached its peak with “Santiago,” a lively song that had the audience swaying to the rhythm and hollering during Donahue’s solo, and had a unique ’80s style synth key section. Burt’s verses about past romance beamed, mimicking the yellow hue of the stage lights that piercing through the dark stage in the beginning of the song.

Tré Burt continues to tour, sharing his music and stories with audiences far and wide. Don’t miss his next performance Saturday, January 13th at Sleepwalk in Bushwick, Brooklyn, before his tour heads through Texas to the West Coast. For a taste of his beautiful storytelling and soulful melodies, you can listen to the Free At Noon performance in full above, and find his latest album Traffic Fiction here.

Tré Burt
Free At Noon
  • Traffic Fiction
  • Kids in Tha Yard
  • Piece of Me
  • Win My Heart
  • To Be A River
  • Told Ya Then
  • Wings For A Butterfly
  • Santiago