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Few artists rep Philly harder than Tierra Whack. In the six years since her first single dropped, she has worked tirelessly at building a wildly creative, boldly colorful body of work. Now comes the highly anticipated announcement of her debut album, World Wide Whack, set to drop on March 15th. “I really took my time with this, so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do”, she wrote on social media. The album cover, designed by New Jersey native Alex Da Corte, is a typically striking and playful Whack visual. Standing in front of a massive Joker playing card, she holds a mask of her own face as a huge spotlight shines on her. It’s a playful metaphor for the always evolving M.C. All eyes are on Whack but her sights are set somewhere just beyond, envisioning her own world.

With her impressive catalog and endless achievements, it’s easy to forget Whack hasn’t yet released a traditional, full-length album. Many listeners first took notice with 2018’s Whack World, which boasted 15 tracks each lasting only a minute. In 2021, she followed up with a trio of EP’s: R&B?, Pop?, and Rap? Each one represented a different aspect of her sound and further broadened her fan base. Check her Instagram and you’ll quickly notice her legendary freestyle clips, full of breathless triple-entendres and effortless charisma establishing her as one of the wittiest wordsmiths in hip-hop today. You’ll also witness her singular sense of humor; in a recent video, she bathes with hot dogs – then eats them. She’s already been featured on songs with Beyonce and Alicia Keys and earned co-signs from influences like Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, and Busta Rhymes. Check out the hometown hero’s most recent single, “Chanel Pit,” while we wait for “Shower Song” to drop this Friday.

Tierra Whack - Chanel Pit
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