Singer-songwriter icon Billy Joel hasn’t released new recorded music in years. In 2007, he released a holiday song as well as a Valentine’s tune for his then-wife, “All My Life.” Prior to that, his instrumental album Fantasies & Delusions came out on Sony Classical. But his live shows over the past few decades have been focused strongly on his robust back-catalog, and not weighed down with extensive new music; he even joked about this at last summer concert’s at The Linc.

That changed today with “Turn The Lights Back On,” his first major single release since 1993’s “River Of Dreams.” As Mike Vasilikos put it when playing the song today, it’s a poignant ballad, and one that hearkens back to his iconic work of the 1970s (think “You’re My Home,” “Summer, Highland Falls” and “Vienna”).

Take a listen below, and watch for Billy Joel to perform on the Grammy awards this Sunday, February 4th, at 8 p.m. ET.

Billy Joel - Turn The Lights Back On