Dave Hause is a veteran of the Philly music scene. He’s played in various hardcore/punk groups including The Curse and Paint it Black, started his own group The Loved Ones, released six solo studio albums, and played WXPN concerts in various iterations, from Free at Noon to the XPoNential Music Festival.

Now, this local singer-songwriter has gone international with an ongoing European tour entitled “Haunted Churches.” That name is not hyperbole; Hause has been performing in actual churches everywhere from London to Barcelona. He has teased live album recordings of his Koln and Hamburg shows with a few tracks on Bandcamp. He discusses his personal relationship to these spaces on “Without You”, telling the crowd: “You know I have a weird relationship with church. We were forced to go as kids, Tim and I, and it drove me crazy but it did kind of teach us how to sing and how to daydream.” He continues on by discussing these shows as a way of reclaiming a space that felt closed off to him: “So sometimes when we come over and we get to do these things it feels like we’re taking a room that sometimes programs people in a really fucked up and we kind of take it back for our own and we fill it with our own ideas which are based just in love and connection and other people and music.”

Hause will also return to his home state for a Pittsburgh show on March 23rd at the Thunderbird Cafe. He also recently announced the return of the Sing Us Home Festival on Venice Island in Manayunk. The event will take place from May 3rd through 5th on the grounds of the Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center. Dave Hause will perform himself along with headliners The Jayhawks, The Loved Ones, and many others. Tickets for the event are on sale now, and daily lineups were just announced last week. Check out the festival website for more info and listen to live recordings below.