Where is Body Meat headed? In the video for his latest track “Focus,” he is pulling a rope through a forest, creeping through a hallway, crawling through an air vent, and tumbling through a flash of lightning and color. The clock is ticking but all signs are pointed to the future. This latest track is an otherworldly four-minute creation filled with synth bloops, electronic drums, and screeching swells of sound. The true heart of the track is the voice of Body Meat, also known as Chris Taylor. It’s yearning and elastic, stretching between pitches, deeply unsure but fully alive. In a comment about the new video, Taylor shared that “We see body tether himself to his home and leave to venture out to the overworld. He finds that the path is blocked by a mysterious dungeon, he must traverse the dungeon and find a way out to the other side. Only by breaking his tether does he find the exit to this place.”

Now based in Philadelphia, Taylor first started playing in Denver rock groups but has since mixed together a huge array of influences such as funk, trap, and Ethiopian music. Body Meat will release an album later this month on Partisan Records and perform more new tracks at Austin’s SXSW festival later this month. Watch the video for “Focus” below. Stay connected with Body Meat on social media here for more updates on his album release. We’re still unsure exactly where his future music will take us but it’s sure to deconstruct and reimagine pop and electronic music in some wild new ways. Check out his video on Patch Notes for a taste of his multi-instrumental magic.


Body Meat - Focus