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Lenny Kravitz is back with Blue Electric Light, a refreshing album that offers a welcome throwback to his knack for funk, soul, and rock over the decades. While it’s an album that leans into Kravitz’s younger self, it’s also one that takes listeners on a sonic exploration of his spirituality, drive, and message of love. Kravitz’s twelfth studio album is a groovy and optimistic ride that is sure to appeal to die-hard fans and new listeners alike (although, at this point who hasn’t heard of Lenny Kravitz?).

The album starts off with “It’s Just Another Fine Day (In This Universe of Love),” which is the perfect song to reintroduce listeners to Kravitz’s world. It’s six minutes of pure bliss as guitars, bass, drums, and Kravitz’s vocals celebrate life. Cries of “Lockdown” bring reality crushing in amidst a swirl of psychedelic sounds, setting the tone for the rest of the album, and reminding listeners of the period in which the album was written. 

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown forced Kravitz to stop his touring with his 2018 album Raise Vibration. He ended up spending the next few years in the Bahamas, where Blue Electric Light was born. While it’s certainly easier to feel optimistic about life when you’re basking in the sun in the Bahamas, Kravitz’s cheerfulness on the album is more-so aligned with his personality and growth. “I’m pretty optimistic,” he shared in an interview for the Grammys, “But now even more than ever, just on a personal level, I’ve never felt better mentally, spiritually, and physically. I’ve never felt more vibrant and I’m becoming more comfortable within myself in my skin and in my place. I’ve learned that listening to that voice inside of me and sticking to what it is that was meant for me, my direction, has paid off and it feels good.”

Now that the opening track has gotten you comfy, Kravitz turns up the energy with “TK421,” one of three singles from the album. It’s a pumped-up song that becomes addictive by the end. The title references a Star Wars stormtrooper, whose identification number is, you guessed it, TK421. The sax solo is a true highlight, and the entire song radiates 80s funk rock.

Then, Kravitz slows the pace down a bit with “Honey,” leaning into a smother, more seductive sound. And this track isn’t alone. “Stuck in the Middle,” is another song that takes a more laid back approach, highlighting Kravitz’s ability to mix soul with funk.

“Human” is a track that encapsulates the tone of the album. With the chorus declaring, “I’m gonna keep my head to the sky / Gonna walk each step with pride / ‘Cause I came here to be alive / I am here to be human,” it’s a song about authenticity and defying those who would put you down. “We are at our most powerful when we are authentic to ourselves. When you’re authentic to who you are, you’re shining and you represent what it is that you’re meant to represent. And so the song just speaks on that, and really using this human existence to learn and to walk in your lane to reach your destiny,” said Kravitz about the song’s conception.

Lenny Kravitz - Human (Official Music Video)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the title track and closing song, “Blue Electric Light.” Even though it comes at the end of the album, it’s a song that builds towards the end, complete with shredding guitar and a kaleidoscope of Kravitz repeating “blue electric light” as synths swell. There’s something meditative about the song, perhaps a recall to Kravitz’s spirituality.

“To me, it’s a feeling. I just saw and felt this blue light — electric blue, almost neon light —radiating down on me, and that light is life,” Kravitz has said about the title. “It’s God, it’s love, it’s humanity, it’s energy. And just metaphorically, that’s what that represents to me.”

While not every song on Blue Electric Light  is entirely memorable, the album is one that is undoubtedly fun, and the perfect release to move into summer with. 

Kravitz will be taking Blue Electric Light on the road as he tours across Europe this summer. As of now, his only US dates are for a brief residency in Las Vegas this October. More dates are eagerly anticipated.

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