The Warhawks Free at Noon - 06.28.2024

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a band with more enthusiasm and drive than The Warhawks. Dancing around the stage, shredding guitars, throwing drumsticks, and falling to the floor, the New Jersey band brought their all to today’s Free At Noon, and from the crowd’s jumping and head banging, you could tell that they loved being there every bit as much as the band. The Warhawks were aware of the love in the room, taking time between songs to thank their listeners, and acknowledging all the “hardworking people out there” listening to their music.

The highlight of the set came about halfway through when the band performed their new single, “Domino,” live for the first time. You know it’s a good one if people are playing air guitar to a song that’s been released for less than 24 hours! Indeed, the crowd was full of dedicated fans, with several mouthing words all the way through and jumping in excitement at the start of each song.

Made up of brothers John Bilodeau and Pat Bilodeau, along with Matt Orlando and Tom Lipski, The Warhawks are a Jersey band through and through. In addition, they bring a refreshing twist to the four-piece band set-up. Rather than sticking to the guitarist/lead vocalist formula, they spent the first few songs swapping off lead vocals, ensuring everyone had time to shine on stage. Formed in Gloucester City, New Jersey, the band are no strangers to hard work, and keep their locale present within their songs. “This next one’s about the Jersey Shore,” exclaimed John Bilodeau, explaining, “[We] grew up between Philly and the Jersey Shore, caught between the two.”

Following an invigorating set, the band had one last treat in store for the audience, returning to the stage to play an encore song. They saved their pumped-up song “Don’t Fuck With Me” for last, closing the show in a wild frenzy.

Their highly anticipated album Wellness Check is being released in three parts. Pt. 1 is out now, and “Domino” is the first single from Pt. 2. The Warhawks will return to the area in August, playing at the Sellersville Theater on the 8th. You can find more information at XPN’s Concert Calendar.

The Warhawks
Free At Noon
  • On My Way
  • Parade
  • Brighton
  • Modern Rapture
  • Highway
  • Domino
  • Your Touch
  • Fade Away
  • Don’t Fuck With Me