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Membership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my membership, contact info, or the amount I’m donating?

You can update your address, email, personal information, donation amount, and how you donate by contacting WXPN Member Services at 1-800-565-9976 or If you leave a message, we will get back to you in 1 business day.

How can I cancel my sustaining membership?

You can stop your sustaining membership at any time by calling WXPN Member Services at 1-800-565-9976 or by emailing us at to let us know you’d like to cancel. NOTE: If you donated for a specific premium item such as concert tickets, or XPoNential Music Festival tickets, please fulfill at least 12 months of your sustaining membership, or you may be requested to fulfill the cost of the event ticket. WXPN is a non-profit, and counts on member support to offer our excellent events!

How can I purchase WXPN merchandise (t-shirts, CDs, mugs, etc.)?

WXPN merchandise is usually only available as a gift to members to thank them for making all the WXPN music discovery and community service possible. Because we are a nonprofit, it is not fiscally responsible for us to sell merchandise. Current members can make an additional donation and receive additional thank-you gifts. If you are not a current member, please join us today and select your gift!

When will I receive the thank-you gift(s) I selected?

Thank-you gifts are mailed based on their availability and receipt of your payment. Expect your gift(s) to be mailed within 4-8 weeks of your full payment or first installment. Due to packaging and availability, some gifts are mailed separately, and may arrive as far apart as 10 days. If you do not receive all of your gifts by 8 weeks after we received your payment, please contact WXPN Member Services at 1-800-565-9976 or

Is my donation to WXPN tax-deductible? When will I receive my tax letter?

Yes, as part of the University of Pennsylvania, WXPN is legally designated as a nonprofit, so donations are tax-deductible. Tax letters are emailed to all donors in January every year. If you need a copy of your tax letter mailed to you, please contact WXPN Member Services at 1-800-565-9976 or NOTE: Your tax-deductible amount may be impacted by total value of thank-you gifts and benefits you receive. Additionally, donations directed from Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are not eligible for tax deduction when the donation is dispersed, because they receive a tax deduction when the funds are put into the DAF.

How can I donate if I live outside of the United States?

For security reasons WXPN donation forms require a United States address for payment verification. Interested donors outside of the United States can donate to WXPN via the University of Pennsylvania’s Giving Portal here:

When donating via the University of Pennsylvania’s Giving Portal, WXPN will receive your donation from the University of Pennsylvania at the end of the month in which the donation is made.